Greater Gabbard Cable Stability Analysis

Project Information

The project involved on-bottom stability analysis of a subsea cable connecting to the Greater Gabbard Offshore windfarm  by PRCI (AGA) Level 2 and Level 3 analysis. The cable had moved as a result of environmental loading. To evaluate the integrity of the cable under displaced condition, the stresses in the cable under its deformed shape was calculated and the radius of curvature of the cable was compared with supplier recommended minimum bend radius. PRCI (AGA) analysis was most suited for the project as the pipe-soil interaction modelling of PRCI can effectively estimate the embedment of the cable in the seabed soil. PRCI (AGA) software has an edge over other software in this capability. Pipe-soil interaction routine of PRCI software has been calibrated based on lab testing and lab based simulations making this software suitable for such analyses.



KW Limited, UK


Our Role

Subsea Pipeline Engineering Subcontractor



September, 2011



Subsea Pipeline Design/Cable/Renewable Energy