Subsea Pipeline Design

We are a one stop shop for subsea pipeline design and engineering. Our services include :

  • Pipeline Route Selection
  • Wall Thickness Design
  • End Expansion
  • On Bottom Stability
  • Allowable Span Analysis
  • On-Bottom Roughness
  • Lateral Buckling Analysis
  • Walking Analysis
  • Rigid Spool/Jumper Design

Onshore Pipeline Design

We don't stop at design of subsea facilities but go one step further. We have substantial experience in design and engineering of onshore pipeline system also which is used to transport crude oil from land based storage facilities to the refinery and for further transporting refined petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene, aviation turbine fuel, Light Diesel Oil (LDO), Furnace Oil and Naphtha to the consumption centres.


Life of Field

We provide operational support to your existing assets like flow enhancement by chemical injection, addition of intermediate boosting facilities, loop lines and optimisation of existing boosting units.

We also examine feasibility of decommissioning of your assets and recommend to you the best available option for its decommissioning.



Piping Design

Our Engineers specialise in offering onshore and offshore (topside and subsea) piping design & analysis services pertaining to Power, Process, Oil & Gas Industries.

Flow Assurance and Process Design

We have extensive expertise in Flow Assurance and Process Design of Subsea and onshore pipelines. This includes

  • Steady state and transient analysis of single phase and multiphase flow
  • Hydrate and wax management study
  • Surge analysis
  • Slugging
  • Well Modelling
  • Pumping and compressing unit design and optimisation
Flow Assurance

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