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Flow Assurance (Advanced, 5 Days)


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The five days flow assurance course is more suited for engineers who have already attended the three days course and expect more rigorous inputs in flow assurance in pipelines. In addition to providing more advanced inputs in the underlying theory, the course includes step-by-step calculations which is vital for developing an in-depth understanding of the concepts. The course also includes hands on experience on Spectrum Pipelines Flow Assurance Software Package which further consolidates the concepts and provides an insight into how the concepts are applied in projects scenarios. The examples used in the calculations are taken from real project database.

Day 1

Introduction to flow assurance in pipelines

Concepts of Fluid flow in Pipelines

Day 2

Line sizing and optimisation

Flow rate enhancement in existing pipelines

Drag reducing additives

Case studies

Day 3

Challenges of Flow Assurance

Issue of Wax deposition in Pipelines and its management

Issue of Hydrates in Pipelines and its management

Case Study of management of wax in World’s longest heated pipelines

Day 4

Methods of heating pipelines

Skin Effect Heat Management System

Direct Current Heating

Case Studies

Day 5

Flow Assurance Workshop and team exercise

Question and Answer Session and

Conclusion of the session


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