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Upheaval Buckling in Pipelines, Advanced (FE Based)



Advanced FE analysis is more detailed compared to analytical FE analysis. This five days course offers a more in-depth assessment of upheaval buckling in pipelines using Finite Element Analysis.

Who should attend :

  • It is recommended that engineers who have already attended the Analytical Upheaval Buckling Corse should attend this course for better grasp of the subject.
  • Engineers who have experience in FE analysis. (Engineers who have attended the Application of FE methods in Pipeline Engineering will benefit most from this course)
  • Project managers and project managers working in the pipeline industry

Course schedule

Day 1

  • Theoretical concepts of Upheaval Buckling in pipelines.


  • Out-of-straightness (OOS) survey of pipeline route, data collection and processing
  • Survey Data smoothing

Day 3

Sand Soil

  • Building Abaqus Global Model of pipeline
  • Putting the pipeline on undulating seabed
  • Extraction of uplift force from the FE model and translating it into soil/rock cover height
  • Running global model to examine if the soil/rock backfill cover height is sufficient

Day 4

Special treatment of clay soil of low undrained shear strength

Handling soil slurry in pipeline trenches and how to incorporate slurry layer thickness in Global model

Day 5

Importance of time in performing UHB analysis based on OOS survey result

Reporting of results suitable for use by rock/soil backfill contractor

Questions and answer

Conclusion of the session.



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