SK Eng. awarded a subsea pipeline free-span assessment and riser design project offshore Malaysia.    SK Eng. announces the launch of Spectrum Pipelines, a software suite for design and integrity of pipelines in January 2021.   SK Eng. Limited awarded a freespan assessment project in Vietnam.    SK Eng. awarded an offshore pipeline on bottom stability and upheaval buckling analysis project offshore Oman.    SK Eng. Limited successfully completed Etihad Railway Crossing Risk Assessment Project    SK Eng. signs strategic alliance agreement with ICMG, Nigeria
Materials Production

There was a time when companies providing flow assurance engineering services to the oil and gas industries used to find cost of license of OLGA software package prohibitively expensive. OLGA is the most popular software package for performing steady state and transient modelling of multiphase fluid in pipelines. There are other software packages available in the industry such as Ledaflow, Pipenet, Pipeline Studio and Maximus. However, OLGA still enjoys the monopoly and other software packages struggle to find favour amongst oil and gas companies. As a result OLGA charges premium for the license of the software. The cost of yearly license was so high that it was not cost effective for small companies to procure licenses. Recently Schlumberger has come up with a more cost effective and user friendly option for the industry and provides Cloud based environment called DELFI which provides access to OLGA and all associated packages such as Multiflash, Pipesim, OLGA Hydrate, OLGA Wax, OLGA corrosion etc. on a monthly subscription basis in combination with hourly rate payable for running OLGA.  This has helped smaller companies to deliver small projects at a reasonable license cost.

How Solar Energy is the Solution

Through technology and scientific research, scientists have been able to successfully find ways to conserve finite resources. They have been able to discover alternates to renewable energy. One of these is solar energy. By combining modern day technology and sunlight, the production of solar energy has become a possibility.
Large solar panels are used to absorb the powerful solar rays emitted from the sun and convert these into power resources used to light up residential and commercial areas.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

According to a study conducted by LivePerson, 71% of customers expect to get help for their inquiries within five minutes. Anything beyond this is seen as a waste of time. Rising up to the occasion, promptly, is unattainable by most organizations’ support teams as a result of too much work on their plate. Hence, there’s a need for additional help.
The desire to expand workforces comes amid healthy levels of demand, as the proportion of firms concerned about a shortage of orders falls to net 23% globally – the lowest figure recorded in a decade of IBR research. Firms are feeling confident enough to raise prices, with net 36% of firms planning to do so over the next 12 months, while net 50% of firms expect higher profits compared to net 41% a year ago.