SK Eng. awarded a subsea pipeline free-span assessment and riser design project offshore Malaysia.    SK Eng. announces the launch of Spectrum Pipelines, a software suite for design and integrity of pipelines in January 2021.   SK Eng. Limited awarded a freespan assessment project in Vietnam.    SK Eng. awarded an offshore pipeline on bottom stability and upheaval buckling analysis project offshore Oman.    SK Eng. Limited successfully completed Etihad Railway Crossing Risk Assessment Project    SK Eng. signs strategic alliance agreement with ICMG, Nigeria   Our CEO., Amit Prasad conferred Being Seven Stars award by Subsea7 for exceptional contribution to the pipeline engineering projects.
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SK Eng. in association with Z-Subsea announces launch of Spectrum Pipelines, a suite of software for design and Integrity Calculations of oil and gas pipelines. Spectrum Pipelines is the registered trademark of SK Eng. Spectrum Pipelines is a one stop shop for pipeline design tools. At the moment it is planned to launch 13 modules to begin with, however, additional modules will be launched in due course.

The Industry has reacted very positively to the announcement and engineers worldwide are excited about the availability of all the pipeline design tools under one Umbrella.

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  1. John Doe 6 years ago

    Spectrum Pipelines is a great software suite. It will help engineers working in Oil and Gas industry worldwide in performing their pipeline engineering activities. The suite brings pipeline engineering various tools under one umbrella. Great work by SK Eng.!

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