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Fenog Nigeria Limited, Crude Oil Pipeline

Project Information

The project involved approximately 20 km long 10-12″ diameter crude oil pipeline which was laid by Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) throughout its length, thus making it longest pipeline in the world laid by HDD method. The project was located in Warri Delta State of Nigeria which is infested by vandalism of the pipelines for pilferage of oil. To protect the pipeline from vandalism, the pipeline had to remain approximately 20 m under the land surface, therefore the requirement of HDD throughout. For sectionalizing the line, manned Valve stations were installed along its route every 4km where the pipeline came on the surface.

We performed Hydraulic and Mechanical Design of the pipeline system.



Fenog Nigeria Limited, Global Design Concepts, UK



October, 2012


Our Role

Onshore Pipeline Design Contractor



Onshore Pipeline Design and Flow Assurance Design